Why Selling Digital Products Is The Best Online Business

When it comes to making money online there are plenty of
methods, from affiliate marketing, adsense, eCommerce, eBay,
Amazon etc.

These are all great in their own way but they also have big
disadvantages. Let’s look and compare these versus selling your
own digital products.

Affiliate marketing – This is where you promote other peoples
(vendor) products and you receive a predetermined commission per
sale you refer.

The good thing about this business is that you
don’t have to deal with the product or customer. You send
traffic to the vendors website, if it converts into a sale you
get the commission, then it’s up to the vendor to deal with
sending the product and handling customer service.

The big disadvantages are that you have no control over their business,
if they close down then you don’t make anything and will have to
try find another affiliate program to promote. By sending them
traffic your actually building their business and not yours.

They end up getting a database of customers whereas you get
nothing. Compare that to selling your own eBooks, you get 100%
of the sale not just a small percentage. You get to build your
own email list of buyers who you can promote to again and again.
Your website is an asset, you’re building this asset which
could be worth a lot of money in the future, it’s a great

Adsense – This is where google places ads on your website and
you make a small amount when any of your website visitors click
the ad.

The problem with this business is you need a lot of
traffic to make any decent amount of money as most people
nowadays are aware of ads and just avoid clicking on them. Add
to the fact that you’re only receiving cents per click, it’ll
take a lot of traffic to make any decent amount of money.

The other big problem is Google, they could easily suspend or close
your adsense account if they believe you have violated their
terms. Many people have had their accounts terminated and lost
the income over night. Once again a lack of control with this
business model.

Ecommerce – Where you sell physical products from your own
website. You need deep pockets for this type of business if you
intend to purchase and hold the stock and then post to
customers. You could use dropshippers which are companies that
post their products for you once you’ve made a sale so you don’t
have to buy initial stock.

The problem with the physical product model is that you will always have faulty products, people changing their minds after purchase, lost in post etc. This can
turn into a real headache. If your intention to do online business is to have some time freedom to enjoy life abit more then going the physical product route probably isn’t a great idea.

Ebay/Amazon – Again these platforms are very hard to crack for
new sellers. They constantly change their algorithms so it’s
easier for established sellers than new ones. You only make
sales if you rank high in the search results and the only way to
do that now is to pay for it, using their pay per click or
sponsored programs. You’ll also have to deal with the same
problems as mentioned above like faulty products, lost in post

Now, do you understand why digital products especially ebooks
are the best to sell.

1. No stock – you can sell the same ebook as many times as you

2. No shipping – as soon as the customer pays they receive the
download for the ebook immediately. As well as an email with the
download link. No queing at post offices or dealing with
packaging products.

3. High Profit – You make 100% profit margin after your first

4. Passive – This business makes you money 24 hours a day, 7
days a week and 365 days a year. The buzz of waking up in the
morning, checking you phone and realizing you’ve made money
while you were sleeping never gets old.

5. Freedom – You have so much more time freedom. Each hour you
put into you business has a compound effect, sooner or later it
gets to a stage where even if you don’t do anything the sales
will still come in from the work you’ve already put in.

6. Asset – You end up building an asset which you can sell in
the future for a big pay day. Established websites are in huge
demand and it’s not uncommon to see them selling for 6 and 7
figure sums.

There are so many benefits to running this type of business. If
it’s right for you then check out our ready made products which
you can start selling from today.