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We are a dynamic and high spirited team with a goal to provide only the best to our members.

A Little About Mark Martin

markmartinI have been retired from the oil and gas industry for about a year now. I worked as a supply boat captain for fifteen years, stationed in the Gulf of Mexico.

In 2012 I started looking for ways to make some extra income by searching for online business opportunities. I spent so much time and money getting ripped off by online scams when in fact, I knew that there were people making good money on the internet. I just needed to find an honest way in doing so. Hundreds… if not thousands of dollars and countless hours later, I decided to stop looking and invest in getting an education about online marketing. I HAVE learned a great deal about the business and I finally found several Affiliate programs that have made me a good income online. This is an awesome online opportunity I am proud to be a part of.

A Brief Info About Carlo Mapanao

WP_20I started to venture into internet marketing in 2013 believing that this will be my way out of the rat race. As with most newcomers I have experience all types of roadblocks and shiny objects around. Finally, I have come to realized that in order to succeed in this business you have to focus on one method and build upon on that which will eventually lead to your success.

I have been developing websites for online/offline clients and created various products online.

Hope this site will be your foundation in building your online business.

To Your Success,

Mark & Carlo

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